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Google, Youtube, Yahoo! and Facebook (as well as several others) have released their ‘2010 in review’ results.  Some, like Yahoo!, have released an article featuring the top searches in 2010 accompanied by heart wrenching photos, of course.  Twitter took a different approach.  True to its nature, Twitter has put up a microsite with information on the top trending tops; it even reorganizes them by category (people, event…)

And although content writers at Mashable comment on Twitter’s more realistic depiction of 2010, I favor the Google Zeitgeist, year in review.  (I have had a soft spot for videos produced by Google since the airing of the Parisian Search Story during the one of the NFL commercials).  

Google also has a list of fastest rising search topics.   (more…)


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Ultimate Time Wasters Investments

Spending time watching random Youtube.com videos and Facebook stalking your newest fling may not be as productive in the long run as they seem at the moment.  Instead of spending countless hours clicking through some random person’s photo album (and ‘liking’ every picture in the process) here are a few sites that will have you contributing to the world in no time:

1) Search Story Video Creator

I ran into this one while I was procrastinating with Stumbleupon.com (another great time waster/investment that will be mentioned in a moment).

This creative video generator allows you to create your own Google search story.  If you were watching this past Super Bowl, then you might have caught Google’s very first tv advertisement.  In its simplicity and genius (more…)

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